Our Completed Projects

Petro SA

Design, manufacture and installation of aluminum duct -2003

Installation of new and modification of old piping for the Unleaded Petrol Project for PetroSA. This is the first major project undertaken by Metamorphic Engineering. It was required that all refineries reduce the sulphur content in petroleum products -2005

Unleaded petrol project for the conversion of the plant process to produce petrochemicals that meet the new sulphur content specification -2005

Fabrication Contract-2006

Emergency Power Generation Plant piping to Eskom -2006

Fabrication and installation of carbon steel piping for Eskom’s Open Cycle Gas Turbine. This pipeline was designed to supply Eskom with the required diesel to run its power generation plant situated adjacent to PetroSA -2008

Involvement in Shutdown through prefabrication and installation of piping - 2009

Fabrication and installation of tank re-enforcing structure for a shared petroleum tank between PetroSA and Shell. The tank wall was below the required thickness range due to systematic corrosion and it could not be replaced. It therefore required extra support to extend its life expectancy-2010

Storm water recovery project for the saving of water -2010

Fabrication of 2 Sea Water filters for the FA Platform -2010

Shutdown (including Prefabrication) - 2013

ORCA Refurbishment - 2014

MLIUP Project February 2015

Rand Water

Supply of various size steam trap valves -2003

Fabrication & installation of aluminum plate ducting for undergrounds electrical cables at Mapleton pump station -2004

Department of Agriculture

Fabrication and erection steel shed structure at Buiplaas for fig jam factory-2006